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All Titles Publishing & Distribution

PO Box 29291

Baltimore, MD 21213


Plan 1A-180-250 pages $1449
Plan 1B-150-179 pages $1349
Plan 1C-70-149 pages $1149
Plan 1D 0-69 pages $899
Includes-1 publisher proofread, 3 copies of the book, manuscript,
typeset, masters, custom cover, ISBN#, barcode, bookmark, edits, book
formatting, e-book formatting, KDP upload, distribution and 1 week of

Plan 2A-180-250 pages $1349
Plan 2B-150-179 pages $1249
Plan 2C-70-149 pages $999
Plan 2D-0-69 pages $799
Everything in Plan 1 except NO E-Blast, NO barcode, no 3 books, no bookmark


Very Affordable Extras

*E-Book and print format $6 per page
*Book typed $1.20-1.80 per page
*Language translation $350
*Conversion $230 for 250 pages-exceeding 250 pages Add $1 per page
*POD upload $175
*Custom book cover $75 & up
*Edits-$1 & up per page
*Bookmark $55
*Flyer $60
*Barcode $50
*Interview on Radio $75
*Social media promo-$100 a month (8 times posting)
*State Vs Us Magazine AD Promo $375 (Quarter page only with a plan
purchase) without plan purchase $500
*2-4 page interview feature in State Vs Us Magazine (print version) $750
*Publishing Only
Contact Us For Details

Urban Reads Bookstore-Baltimore
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