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When the most unimaginable tragedy occurred in her life, it was as though Dr. Annabelle had prepared for this very moment all along. Having her son Macario, and being told that the removal of 40% of his brain at five weeks old would greatly inhibit developmental processes both physically and mentally became the defining turn in Dr. Annabelle and her family’s lives.

Macario’s brain loss and Dr. Annabelle’s quick response became an awakening moment for Dr. Annabelle. This story of finding cannabis and taking risks to replace the medications that were initially given to him is compelling and inspirational. Dr. Annabelle, although a risk taker, believed that her training as a scientist prepared her for this moment. This book is the foundation for Dr. Annabelle’s outside-the-box mentality, where she travels globally working to bridge the gap between natural alternatives, science, and the eventual implementation into medicine. She speaks to advocate for cannabis but not without the willingness to provide scientific rigor. Dr. Annabelle believes she was born into taking life’s challenges and overcoming them with grace and unrelenting courage. Follow her journey as she educates worldwide, leads scientific initiatives, and most importantly, mothers five talented children. As Dr. Annabelle would say, this is bigger than cannabis.

Mighty Flower: How Cannabis Saved My Son

    Urban Reads Bookstore-Baltimore
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