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marketplace to become the royal chef to King T’Challa; a woman who — like Banda — was influenced by the elder women in her family...Banda drew not just on studies of African foodways, but on family recipes. One dish, braised kale with tomatoes, was cribbed directly from the last meal Banda cooked with their aunt, who, like Banda’s father, was born in Malawi." ― The Washington Post

"Taking a generous amount of Black excellence, mixing it with two parts fantasy, Chef Nyanyika Banda managed to come up with an entire Wakanda cookbook...Banda dug deep into her imagination in order to whip up the flavorful lineup of dishes which include items like market food, desserts and even gluten-free and vegan meals." ― The TODAY Show

"Marvel fans need to know about this Black Panther cookbook!" ― Mashed

"Dine like King T’Challa himself." ― Hypebeast

"Banda’s background made her the perfect author for this cookbook." ― Guilty Eats

"This volume presents 73 recipes in its 140+ pages, with musings on both the dishes’ places in Wakanda as well as in African and world cuisines. The ebb and flow of cooking ingredients and techniques worldwide is lightly touched on throughout the book, making for a lovely, subtle grounding of a fictional nation and its cuisine in our real world." ― The Frumious Consortium

Marvel's Black Panther The Official Wakanda Cookbook

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