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Growing up in Baltimore City was by no means normal life for Gino, Shakey and Biscuit, three teenagers from West Baltimore who were born into Baltimore's underworld. At an early age, they jumped off the steps head first into a life of crime and statistics. It wasn't until they became friends though when it all really began, turning their street dreams into a reality as young hustlers. With Baltimore's drug epidemic, the streets were a wide open market and becoming big dope boys was their guaranteed way out the hood. However, to every one of their street dreams, were nightmare. Just walking the streets of Baltimore can be a nightmare at times. Gino, Shakey and Biscuit's dreams of women, money, cars, and street fame- came along with nightmares of murder, extortion, kidnapping and federal indictments. When reality hits............ will their dreams outweigh their nightmares or will their nightmares outweigh their dreams? Will Gino, Biscuit and Shakey rise above all the obstacles that have destroyed many empires in the past? Will their friendships prove to be authentic and stand the test of time-- What happens when it all falls down...............

A Hustlaz Dreams and Nightmares

    Urban Reads Bookstore-Baltimore
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