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A Boogie Down Story is a gripping fast-paced drama jumping off at the beginning of the Hip Hop era. The explosion of the culture is a visual backdrop. Up in the Bronx where the people are fresh, The Blue Circle was the favorite hangout for b-boys and girls. As the culture grows so does the bond between four friends. Dawn, Keya, Forster, and Cash. Dawn juggles real love with her parent's self-centered dreams. Keya is from a decent family, but her life transforms as she struggles with being a single teen parent. Forster and Cash are diehard friends, not even dough could separate them. Starting young in the street game, their pockets grew along with their attitudes. Envy and jealousy threaten these friendships until a tragedy occurs. Forster has known Dawn since their teenage days and certainly never considered her a potential wife…until an unexpected heated kiss that brought hope and changes for all. Will they make it down the altar? Or must Forster pay with his life for Cash’s beef?

A Boogie Down Story

    Urban Reads Bookstore-Baltimore
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