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 Black fathers play a pivotal role in the lives of our black children. According to the 2011 U.S. Census, nearly 2 in 3 (64%) African American children live in father-absent homes. However, we know all fathers are not absent. Society would have us to believe that black fathers are either in jail, or on drugs and are no good to the community. The Black Father Perspective is a collaboration of men who have come together to give voice to a population that is often overlooked and underappreciated. It is time to change the narrative. It is time to shift the agenda. Ten black fathers share their view on legacy, marriage, divorce, single parenting, teenage parenting, incarceration, child support and so much more. Reading this book will give you a new perspective of Black Fathers in America. 

The Black Father Perspective - What we want America to know

    Urban Reads Bookstore-Baltimore
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