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Experience Streets the Game

Grab a friend or two, or more, to sample a few of the questions you will find below and get a small taste of the STREETS the Game experience. Talking and reflecting with others is the way we make meaning out of our experiences, feel connected to others, again the courage to make changes, and have the opportunity to experience that we not going through it all alone



A player selects a question from below and reads the question out loud, answers first, then all players answer the same question. Please note there are several categories to choose from. There are no right or wrong answers. A player can express as much or as little as they are comfortable with. Even a few words are fine. The idea is to escape your comfort zone! Here are a few examples:


10 questions from the STREETS game:

How old were you when you first joined your gang? What were the factors involved?

Why did you choose the specific gang you chose to be in?

What movie has been the most influential in a negative or positive way for you?

How do you feel about the lifestyle you have lived, or live now?

Did, or do, you feel truly supported by your gang? Please explain.

Why did you become involved in the streets?

What do you think about people telling you about the dangers of being in a gang?

How do you think people treat you differently when they know you are a gang member?

Do you value your life? Explain.

How do you define respect?

Streets the Game

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